Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Complete Electronic Circuit

(Dancing Lamp #3)

In my previous tutorial, I’ve given you the example program and the LED circuit. But what you’ve got is only a small electronic circuit on your table. How about if you want to use bigger light bulbs instead of using LED. Here is the complete electronic circuit : 

You have to connect parallel port ground pin out to the circuit ground. Just be careful while connecting this circuit to your computer, or it will damage your computer !!! Make sure that everything is in the place.

Using this circuit, if you send a “high” to the data pin out (D0 .. D7), it will trigger the transistor. It will be saturated, and let current flows through the relay and the light bulb will be connected to the electricity and light on. Use this circuit for each data pin out of your parallel port.

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  1. pencerahan yang maknyus he he he.....
    terimakasih atas sharingnya kawan

    moga sukses selalu

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