Friday, 19 February 2010

Adding Free Hit Counter to Your Blog or Website

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Sometimes we want to know how many visitors have visited our blog or website. It can be done by adding a hit counter. To add a hit counter to your blog or website, click here. You’ll be directed to main page, see the picture below :

Choose one of the available hit counter. This page provide many kinds of hit counter :
- Basics Hit Counters
- Cool Hit Counters
- Digital Hit Counters
- Fancy Hit Counters

Then you’ll be directed to the submission form :

Fill the form, like picture above. Of course you need to enter your password. After you click Submit you’ll get HTML code that you can copy and paste into your blog or website


  1. Pernah juga pakek hit counter. Tapi akhirnya Bendol pakek laen. Pakek yang lebih nunjukin ke statistik yang lebih lengkap
    Makasih infonya bro...
    Sukses ya

  2. Well adding free hit counter to your blog is nice idea.This counter lets you track the number of visits or hits on your website. This will give you idea if there is an improvement of your site traffic.

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