Monday, 1 February 2010

Changing the SYSDBA default password ( Interbase Tutorial # 2 )

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In the previous tutorial, we have learnt to create a new user. The default password that we use to log in is ‘masterkey’. It is the default password of super user SYSDBA.

Now, we are going to change this default password using our own. Because everyone can be easily connected to your database, and may do some harmful actions to your database, if we are still using the default password.

First, we have to run the command prompt from the start menu. Go to the directory where the executable file ‘gsec.exe’ located. It is usually located in :

C:\Program Files\InterBase Corp\InterBase\bin>

See the picture below

Then we need to log in using SYSDBA and the default password. Type this command :

gsec –user sysdba –password masterkey

change the password using this command :

modify sysdba –pw newpassword

The default password now has been changed with the new one : ‘newpassword’
Type ‘quit’ to exit the program.

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