Tuesday, 16 February 2010

facebook widget

Adding a Facebook Widget to your Blog/Web

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It’s quite simple to add a FaceBook Widget to your blog or website. Just follow these steps below :

1. From your profile click Create a Profile Badge text link

2. You can edit your badge by clicking Edit this badge

3. You can choose the displayed items on your badge by checking them in the list. Then click save.

4. If you have a Blogspot or TypePad account, you’ll be directed to the page. If you click other, you’ll get the code. You can copy and paste the code to wherever you want.


  1. Mangstabbbb gan....lanjutkan gan!!!!

  2. Thanks gan.... hope you'll start blogging soon... :)

  3. penting bgt ini bozzz...
    lsg praktek in my blog...
    thank's boz...

  4. Makasih bro
    Karena Bendol kurang aktif di FB, jadinya gak nyoba buat masang widget itu bro...


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