Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Creating Text Area

What is text area ? You can see the example of text area below :

To create a text area, use this HTML tag :

<p align="center"><textarea name="code" rows="6" cols="20"> Your Text Here </textarea></p>

You can save some HTML codes that contain a link and a banner for link or banner exchange. So the codes can be copied and pasted into another web page. To create a text area with a link and a banner, use these HTML codes :

<a href="Link URL" target="_blank"><img src="Image URL " border="0" alt="Tutorial Blog" /></a>

Text Area Code Generator

You can also use Text Area Code Generator to create a text area.

Using this software, you don’t need to type the HTML code to create a text area. You can generate the code by clicking Generate HTML Codes button. Click here to download this software.


  1. mantaf, kayaknya blog programmer nih :D
    makasih tipsnya :)

  2. @Sang Cerpenis & Jiox : thank you friends !

  3. maaf baru sempat berkunjung, salam kenal juga

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