Thursday, 20 May 2010

Creating Web Photo Gallery using Photoshop

It is quite simple to create a web photo gallery. Before we start creating a web photo gallery, first you have to group all picture you are going to use in your photo gallery into a folder / directory. Then you also need to prepare a folder / directory as a destination of your photo gallery.

After you run Adobe Photoshop, choose File – Automate – Web Photo Gallery. See the picture below :

A dialog box will appear. Choose the style of your photo gallery ( in this case I use simple style ) and the extension of your index file ( htm or html ). Define the directories or folders of your source images / pictures and the destination folder. In this case, I group all images / pictures in folder : D:\Fujiyama and the destination folder is D:\MyWebPhotoGallery. See the picture below :

Press OK and relax while Adobe Photoshop is processing your images / pictures. After processing, you will get some folders and files as the result in the destination folder.

Now, you ready to upload all the files to your web server.

Download pictures and web photo gallery here


  1. baru tau nih saya... hebat euy, bisa otomatis jadi folder sama file html nya

  2. Tips yang bermanfaat, saya sdh pernah nyoba.. dan berhasil berhasil berhasil... (gt klo versi DORA nya)..

  3. pakde akan coba kawan, siapa tahu pakde dapat pengalaman yang menarik

  4. makasih ya infonya...
    mau saya coba kawan....

  5. sorry neh kaga bisa banyak coment ga paham bahasa inggris

  6. dari gambarnya pak liek sudah paham ...
    makasih infonya ...

  7. pengetahuan baru ne..., berarti tuk membuat gallery foto d web.., kita gak perlu lagi upload satu2 ya?? keren ne..., thanks tas sharenya.., salam kenal :)

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